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We don’t often realize the importance of peace until human-made issues, such as religion, stir up chaos. Brothers and sisters, we all know that without peace, almost nothing else matters. In today’s world, as a global village, one upheaval anywhere could directly affect individuals everywhere. Right now, a major religious conflict is looming on the horizon –it will cause thousands of casualties, precipitous global recession, and many other unpleasant outcomes. Therefore, everybody needs to throw his or her so-called scripture in the dustbin where it belongs, and let us come together to tackle religion and other vanities that are disharmonizing us. Those who are seeking salvation through religion, need to comprehend that they are a part of the world’s biggest problem. Please, don’t stain your decency with religion; you are much closer to God if you are nonreligious and have consideration for others.

The main goals of the Modern Age Movement are:

  • To get our world of peace and unity back from religion before religion destroys it.
  • To work with various authorities to instill ethics and morality in our children.
  • To bring people together for fun-filled activities that would enhance body and mind.
  • To discuss spiritualism and the need not to neglect the spiritual aspect of us.

At this juncture, we feel it is necessary to explain our logo so that it is not mistaken for any similar emblem. The pattern of our logo is yellow, green, and red NOT green, yellow, and red or any other combination of those three colors. We chose these colors and design carefully to reflect the commonality in humans. (Yellow represents the sun that shines on all of us; green represents our bountiful earth; red reminds us we are all blood brothers and sisters. The pattern of the letters (MAM) demonstrates the interconnectedness in the world. The star represents the good values in all of us that will roll us toward a lasting peace and understanding.)

We are happy to let you know that many people proudly flaunt our symbols wherever they go, for one thing, to show that they’ve finally saved themselves from religion.

Come be a part of us—we are not affiliated with any other group, and we have no crap to sell.

Hurray, to a world without religious and other divisive beliefs!

If you have questions or comments, please, use the button below to leave us a message. Or use any of these emails: allure7873@gmail.com; admin@modagemov.com. Or write to us via mail: Admin, Modern Age Movement, P. O. Box 41421, Washington, DC 20018

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